Automation in its purest form

Our automatic motorcycle chain oilers have no moving parts

Powered purely by wind pressure

Just twist the throttle

Flow adjusts automatically with speed

The oil flow stops simply by stopping the bike

Motorcycle Chain Oiler by Motobriiz

Compact reservoir stows away easily

Save Time and Money

Reduce wear, as a result, greatly extend chain and sprocket life

Cleans while it lubricates

So ride thousands of miles between cleanings

Save money on motorcycle chain and sprocket replacements

Use common oils hence spend a fraction of the cost of spray lubes

motorcycle chain oiler

60K miles with a Motobriiz chain oiler!


The Clean Oiler Option

Because a motorcycle chain oiler need not be messy

Motobriiz motorcycle chain oilers provide a slow and continuous flow of lube

Felt applicator applies the lube chain lube directly to the inside radius of the chain

Far away from rotating sprockets and tires, consequently it’s safe!

Meters the flow so your chain gets just a thin film of oil

motorcycle chain oiler

Smart and Clean Oil Delivery

Get the automation you want while preserving the clean lines of your motorcycle

No connections to your motorcycle systems

Ride for over 1,000 miles (1,600 km) before refilling

 Whether you are a long distance rider, commuter, or weekend warrior, its easy to experience pure and simple automation with Motobriiz motorcycle chain oilers.

Automatic Motorcycle Chain Lube with Motorcycle Chain Oilers by Motobriiz

Discover the Benefits