Save Time and Money!

Our patented automatic motorcycle chain oilers reduce wear and greatly extend the life your chain and sprockets by providing a slow and continuous flow of oil.  This method of chain lubrication saves a lot of money on chain and sprocket replacements. Common oils are used at a fraction of the cost of expensive cans of specialized spray lube. As seen in the below picture, even after 30,000 miles, the sprocket teeth show almost no wear.

Motorcycle chain oiler by Motobriiz

30K miles with a Motobriiz oiler!

The same oil that lubricates also carries away dirt as it leaves the chain. Our customers confirm that you can ride thousands of miles without need for adjustment or cleaning.  This allows less down time and more riding time than manual lubrication methods. The Motobriiz oiler will pay for itself on your next chain and sprocket set in extended  life and time saved from frequent messy cleaning and lube sessions, or we will refund the purchase price!


Experience Reliable Automation!

We removed the complexity of electrical or vacuum systems, but retained the automatic operation. Our oiler is powered by using the most plentiful resource available to a motorcycle, the wind. The dynamic pressure to power the Motobriiz oiler is generated simply by twisting the throttle. There are no electronics, pumps, or diaphragms to fail so you can depend on the Motobriiz oiler to deliver lubrication as long as you ride.

Motorcycle Chain Oiler by Motobriiz

Compact reservoir stows away easily

Enjoy Smart and Innovative Design!

The Motobriiz automatic motorcycle oiler applies just enough oil directly to the inside radius of your chain. This provides lasting benefits to each and every link. Rollers stay loose and o-rings stay pliable. The point of application is far away from rotating sprockets and tires for maximum safety. The oil flow rate is metered to provide just enough for a thin film, but not enough to make a mess.

Motorcycle Chain Oiler by Motobriiz

Clean Oil Delivery

Our design preserves the clean lines of your motorcycle. There is no tubing zip tied to your swing arm or controllers attached to your handlebars. Installation is a breeze with no need for connection to your motorcycle systems. You can ride for over 1,000 miles (1,600 km) before refilling.

 Whether you are a long distance rider, commuter, or weekend warrior, you can ride all day worry-free because your Motobriiz automatic motorcycle chain oiler is lubricating while you ride.

Motorcycle Chain Oiler by Motobriiz

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