Motorcycle Chain Oilers

What are the best motorcycle chain oilers features?

  1. Automatic
  2. Adjusts oil flow with speed
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy and clean to operate
  5. Easy to Install
  6. Reliable

Motobriiz motorcycle chain oilers meet all of these criteria. They are operated by wind pressure created naturally from riding. Faster speed equals more pressure. More pressure equals more oil flow to your chain. If the wind is in your face, there is oil on your chain.

Motorcycle Chain Oilers

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Motobriiz Chain Oiler Locations and Bikes

Motobriiz Chain Oiler Map Motorcycle riders in over 40 countries are benefiting from Motobriiz oilers to increase riding time and save money. Feel free to explore the map to see the locations of our customers. A wide variety of motorcycle chains are being continuously lubricated by our wind powered chain oilers. […]

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Motobriiz Contact Information If you have questions, please feel free to Contact Us at or the phone number below. We look forward to hearing from you! Motobriiz LLC P.O. Box 1582  LaPlata, Maryland, 20646 (240) 776-2280 We appreciate your interest in Motobriiz. Ride safe and often!            


Motobriiz System Components The Motobriiz motorcycle chain oiler uses only the highest quality components, which combine to make the most reliable  system on the market today. There are no moving parts to fail. Ride with confidence that the Motobriiz chain oiler is maintaining your chain continuously while you enjoy riding your motorcycle. […]

Chain Oiler Components

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Motobriiz Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oilers

Motobriiz Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions   Universal Installation FAQ Question: Will the Motobriiz chain oiler work on my bike? Answer: The Motobriiz chain oiler is self-contained and does not connect or interact with any systems on your bike except for your chain. You really just need to meet 3 requirements; 1) a suitable […]

Chain Oiler Installation

Motobriiz Chain Oiler Installation Enjoy easy chain oiler installation that preserves the clean lines of your bike. The outward signs are barely visible. There are no tubes zip tied to your swing arm. The inlet tube may be installed in a variety of places at the front of your bike. The inlet is […]

Motobriiz Motorcycle Chain Oiler Installation