Best Motorcycle Chain Oiler

What are the best motorcycle chain oiler features?

  1. Automatic
  2. Adjusts oil flow with speed
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy and clean to operate
  5. Easy to Install
  6. Reliable

Motobriiz chain oilers meet all of these criteria. They are operated by wind pressure created naturally from riding. Faster speed equals more pressure. More pressure equals more oil flow to your chain. If the wind is in your face, there is oil on your chain.


Best Motorcycle Chain Oiler

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Motobriiz Dealer Information

    Add Motobriiz Chain Oilers to your product line to increase revenue and complement your existing high quality motorcycle products! If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us at    

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About Motobriiz

“Necessity is the mother of invention” Motobriiz LLC (pronounced “Moto Breeze”)  is a manufacturer of wind powered automatic chain oilers for motorcycles and was founded by a mechanical engineer and avid motorcycle rider in the USA. The idea was born out of a love for riding and an aversion to […]

Chain Oiler Benefits

  “Don’t Let Your Motorcycle Own You!”   Chain Oiler Benefits Properly lubricated roller chains can reach an efficiency of 98% or greater Unlubricated chains significantly increase chain and sprocket wear The internal parts of your chain are well lubed from the factory The lube is held in with an o-ring or […]

Chain Oiler Benefits

How the Motobriiz Chain Oiler works

Automatic Chain Oiler- How It Works

Automatic Chain Oiler- How Ours Works The Motobriiz automatic chain oiler is powered by the wind Simply twist the throttle and enjoy the ride No electrical power or connection to any motorcycle system is required No moving parts to wear out   Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler Visualization   Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler Lab Demo Wind is collected by the inlet tube […]