Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Kit

Everything you need to do a professional brake bleed. The Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Kit is the easiest to use brake bleeder on the market today. Keep your brake system air and moisture free.

Includes the 120VAC vacuum pump, 16 ounce fluid holding tank, and interconnecting tubing. The tubing connects the vacuum pump to the fluid holding tank and to your brake system using quick connect fittings.

This device  works on most vehicles including cars and motorcycles, so check your service manual to make sure that vacuum bleeding is an acceptable method. Finally, always follow the procedures specified for your vehicle.

Air Zapper Website

Use and Care Instructions

Please note that the vacuum pump currently is only supplied with a Type A plug. An adapter would be required for other power outlets

Air Zapper Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit

  • $59.99

  • Ex Tax: $59.99

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