Motorcycle Chain Lube

Spraying on your motorcycle chain lube

Motorcycle chain lubes contain some great formulations, but really don’t help unless they are on your chain. Spray on lubes can be expensive and as soon as you start to ride, they begin to wear or fling off.  Because we know this we tend to over-lube the chain. Spray on motorcycle chain lubes are prone to over spray onto other parts of your bike, or your garage floor, just plain making a mess.

Motorcycle Chain Lube

Ready, Aim, Fire

Wiping on lube

Many motorcycle manufacturers recommend products, such as gear oil for chain lube. You can try to avoid the over spray issue and wipe on your motorcycle chain lube, which can be equally as messy. You can end up going thru piles of paper towels or rags. Put on too much lube and you end up with drips all over the garage floor.

Motorcycle Chain Lube

Apply just a thin film

Lube while the iron is hot

Most motorcycle chain lubes tell you to apply to the chain while it is warm. That means that you  need to don all your gear and take the bike out for a quick warm up spin or do it after you ride, when you least feel like it. If you are like most of us, you will do it when it is cold and convenient.

Motorcycle Chain Lube

Tried them all yet?

How often to lube

So, you go by the book (service manual) and are lubing your chain every few hundred miles. If you are a commuter, that means you are doing the deed at least once a week. If you are a road trip, you may be applying your motorcycle chain lube daily. After a while you are getting to know your drive train on a first name basis.

Motorcycle Chain Lube

Late again!

Are you ready to break the vicious cycle? Are you ready to ride? You can apply your motorcycle chain lube while you ride with a very simple device with no moving parts or connections to the motorcycle’s systems.

Motorcycle Chain Lube

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