Motobriiz System Components

The Motobriiz motorcycle chain oiler uses only the highest quality components, which combine to make the most reliable  system on the market today. There are no moving parts to fail. Ride with confidence that the Motobriiz chain oiler is maintaining your chain continuously while you enjoy riding your motorcycle.

Motobriiz components

Motobriiz Motorcycle Chain Oiler Kit

The components are easily installed with simple tools. Quick connect fittings simplify assembly and make refilling the reservoir while you are on the road a breeze. The system is designed to be operated with no distractions. You simply ride your bike and concentrate on the road.

Chain Oiler Components

Quick Connect Fitting

The reservoir is sized to conserve valuable space on your motorcycle, yet provide over 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of chain lubrication on less than 1 oz (30 ml) of oil. The reservoir regulates the wind pressure and meters the oil to your chain.

Chain Oiler Components

Motobriiz Reservoir

The inlet and discharge tubes may be hidden away for minimum disruptions to the clean lines of your motorcycle. The discharge tubing is ported directly to the felt chain applicator for a neat and clean installation and to ensure that the oil is applied directly to the vital parts of your chain and not misdirected by the wind onto other parts of your bike. The inlet tube has an integrated adhesive mount, which makes installation very easy.

Chain Oiler Components

Inlet Tube Mount

The chain side plates wear into the applicator until the rollers makes contact form fitting to the chain. The rollers, side plates and o-rings have a nice light coating of lubrication which is transmitted to entire chain by centrifugal force as the chain circles the sprockets. An available water trap will guarantee that your oil supply remains high and dry even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Chain Oiler Components

Chain Applicator


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