Chain Oiler Benefits

Chain Oiler Benefits

Properly lubricated roller chains can reach an efficiency of 98% or greater

 Poorly lubricated chains significantly increase chain and sprocket wear

Chain Oiler Benefits

O-Ring Chain Cross Section


30,000 Mile Time and Cost Comparison

Chain Oiler Benefits - Save Time
  • Do Nothing
  • Adjust chain every 1,000 miles (15 minutes)
  • Manual Lube
  • Lube and clean chain every 500 miles (30 minutes)
  • Adjust  chain every 1,500 miles (15 minutes)
  • Motobriiz Automatic Oiler
  • Installation (30 minutes)
  • Clean chain every 1,000 miles (15 minutes)
  • Adjust chain/ replace applicator pad every 5,000 miles (30 minutes)




Chain Oiler Benefits- Save Money

  • Do Nothing
  • O-ring chain replaced every 10,000 miles ($225 Parts and Labor/ replace)
  • Manual Lube
  • O-ring chain replaced every 15,000 miles ($225 Parts and Labor/ replace)
  • 1 ounce spray lube every 500 miles ($1.00 per session)
  • Motobriiz Automatic Oiler
  • O-ring chain replaced every 30,000  miles ($225 Parts and Labor/ replace)
  • Refill with 25ml of Gear Oil per 1,000 miles ($0.25/ refill)
  • Motobriiz Chain Oiler Kit ($92)
  • 5 replacement applicator pads ($20)




 Automatic motorcycle chain oiler benefits well outweigh the cost. It can be a great mod for your motorcycle to help keep your chain working at maximum efficiency. A small investment can actually save you a lot of time and money and allow you to enjoy more riding time.

Chain Oiler Benefits

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