Chain Oiler Benefits


Chain Oiler Benefits

Properly lubricated roller chains can reach an efficiency of 98% or greater in the transmission. Unlubricated chains will significantly decrease performance and increase chain and sprocket wear. A common cross section of the modern motorcycle chain is shown below. The internal parts of your chain are well lubed from the factory. The lube is held in with an o-ring or x-ring. This slows the wear of the pins and bushings as they move against each other with very high forces.


O-Ring Chain Cross Section

Chain Oiler Benefits

The outer parts of your chain are also well lubed from the factory. This slows the wear between the rollers and bushings and the rollers and the sprockets. It also keeps your o-rings pliable to prevent wear and cracking. This helps to keep the lube inside.

Chain Oiler Benefits

This lube wears off over time and will exit your chain as it travels around the sprockets. Replenishing it enables your chain to last longer.

Not to say that manual lubrication is not effective at all, but continuous lubrication keeps your chain in top working order. It will also ensure smooth operation and promote maximum life. The comparison below shows the motorcycle chain oiler benefits in time and cost savings.

You could….

  • Do nothing

  • Manually lube and clean the chain every 300-500 miles

  • Use an automatic motorcycle chain oiler


30,000 Mile Time and Cost Comparison

Chain Oiler Benefits - Save Time


  • Do Nothing
  • Adjust chain every 1,000 miles (15 minutes)
  • Manual Lube
  • Lube and clean chain every 500 miles (30 minutes)
  • Adjust  chain every 1,500 miles (15 minutes)
  • Motobriiz Automatic Oiler
  • Installation (30 minutes)
  • Clean chain every 1,000 miles (15 minutes)
  • Adjust chain/ replace applicator pad every 5,000 miles (30 minutes)





Chain Oiler Benefits- Save Money



  • Do Nothing
  • O-ring chain replaced every 10,000 miles ($225 Parts and Labor/ replace)
  • Manual Lube
  • O-ring chain replaced every 15,000 miles ($225 Parts and Labor/ replace)
  • 1 ounce spray lube every 500 miles ($1.00 per session)
  • Motobriiz Automatic Oiler
  • O-ring chain replaced every 30,000 miles ($225 Parts and Labor/ replace)
  • Refill with 25ml of Gear Oil per 1,000 miles ($0.25/ refill)
  • Motobriiz Chain Oiler Kit ($92)
  • 5 replacement applicator pads ($20)


So as you can see, ignoring your motorcycle chain lube will save you lots of time. But time really is money, so you will pay for it in the end.

Automatic motorcycle chain oiler benefits well outweigh the cost. It can be a great mod for your motorcycle to help keep your chain working at maximum efficiency. A small investment can actually save you a lot of time and money and allow you to enjoy more riding time.

The additional Motobriiz chain oiler benefits over other systems are:

  • Lower cost

  • Simplified design

  • Naturally Controlled oil flow

  • Stealthy installation.

Please explore our website to learn more about Motobriiz.

Chain Oiler Benefits

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