Automatic Chain Oiler- How It Works

Automatic Chain Oiler- How Ours Works

It is as simple as riding. Wind powers the Motobriiz automatic chain oiler

Simply twist the throttle and enjoy the ride

Needs no electrical power. No connection to any motorcycle system. 

No moving parts to wear out


Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler Visualization



Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler Lab Demo


Firstly, the inlet tube collects the wind to pressurize the reservoir

Next, oil flows through the outlet, which is located higher than the natural level

Then, an optimized flow restriction device meters the oil flow to your chain

Oil trickles down the walls of the tubing at a very controlled rate

The oil flows directly into an applicator

A thin film of oil transfers directly to the inside radius of your chain

As a result of using wind power, flow naturally changes with the speed of your motorcycle



Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler- How it works

If there is wind in your face, oil is on your chain



Centrifugal force propels the oil film outward. This action lubricates the entire chain.

Excess lubricant and dirt depart the chain on a trip around the sprockets

Motobriiz continuously lubricates. Therefore, your chain stays clean much longer

When you slow to a stop, the flow stops

Natural automation with no moving parts

The Motobriiz chain oiler is a very simple device.

Consequently, you get many years of trouble-free service to your chain

Ride safe. Enjoy the ride!


“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”  Charles Mingus

Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler- How It Works

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